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Journalist and writer, Kimball Taylor in the field.

Praise for The Coyote’s Bicycle:

“Just when you think you know every border story imaginable, Kimball Taylor shows up with this book of madness. It’s an audacious tale told with great elan. I loved everything about this story—mostly because it’s true. Can one bicycle change the world? Maybe not, but Kimball Taylor knows with love, no border is impermeable.” —Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Devil’s Highway: A True Story

“What an improbable, richly peopled saga! Kimball Taylor follows his hunch so deep into the world of polleros and the borderlands, where they do their human smuggling that you’ll forget you’re reading nonfiction. El Indio, his clients, the authorities, and the harsh country they all do battle with—not to mention the merry, ubiquitous bicycles rolling through the story—this completely original concoction reads like Latin American magical realism, except it’s reported-out and grounded in fact. Wonderful stuff.” —William Finnegan, The New Yorker staff writer and author of Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

“Kimball Taylor brings us along on a deeply researched and richly detailed journey to our southern border, and in the process enlightened me with every turn of the page. The Coyote’s Bicycle is not unlike a swift downhill mountain bike ride through no-man’s-land.” —Eric Blehm, author of Fearless

Kimball Taylor is the author of Return by Water: Surf Stories and Adventures, as well as, Drive Fast and Take Chances: Fair Warning from Surfers. He’s a long-time contributor to Surfer Magazine. His work has also appeared in Vice media and The Los Angeles Times. A soft cover edition of The Coyote’s Bicycle will be published by Tinhouse Books in January of 2017.

Contact: kimball_taylor@yahoo.com


2 Responses to About Kimball Taylor

  1. carter casner says:

    Kimball, just stumbled on your blog by way of theinertia.com. It is has some of the most enjoyable and well-written surf pieces I’ve read.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  2. Wilson says:

    Hey, Kimball – a friend recently handed over a 2005 issue of Surfer’s Journal because of your article on Fernando de Noronha (I’ve only surfed the beach breaks in the West Zone of Rio and Itacare, Bahia, but have been completely enthralled with Brazil ever since my first visit). It was a fantastic read, you obviously took great care to do the island the greatest justice. Thanks, look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

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